November 2011
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This Week on Twitter…

  • Nearly 10AM & I'm the only one up. Typical actually. Reading & kind of watching bouldering. #
  • Brrr…. it's cold. #
  • Braving the grocery store in a few… I'm afraid. #
  • Is there a Thanksgiving equivalent to the Christmas Bah-humbug? #
  • finished The Underland Chronicles by Suzanne Collins and gave it 5 stars #Kindle #
  • I thought you might be interested in this sweepstakes, Win Big with!. Check it out! #
  • Cleaned and filled my water bottle this morning and set it by my keys and wallet. What did I forget to take with me to workout? doh. #
  • Unbelievably thirsty. #
  • It's a sinus misery kind of day. #
  • Blasting @pandora_radio on my @chumby this afternoon! #
  • Need to remember that yes there is school here tomorrow. Miss having the Wednesday before Thanksgiving off… #
  • Car won't start and I'm blocking the cars in the pickup lane at the school. Angry & embarrassed. #
  • Thankful that the school custodian had jumper cables and helped me get my car started…in the pouring rain! #
  • Why must syncing my iPhone take so darn long? Is it because it's an ancient 3G? #
  • Remember the days of getting a photo with Santa for $5? It's sickening how much it is now. I don't want a whole portrait pkg only a snapshot #
  • HEY!! Why did my turkey NOT have the giblets inside? Only the neck in the cavity. #
  • Just tired enough to feel scattered, but totally not sleepy. #
  • Got a seed catalog in the mail today. Makes me want to cry. I really miss having a garden and a yard. #
  • Teavana!!! :) #
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