Another First for Phoebe

It’s official. Phoebe has her very first (official) sinus infection of her little life. If she’s anything like me (and Alex), she’s in for a long haul of sinus infections. Poor girl. I had hoped she wouldn’t get that little bit of happiness from me.

In other news… we got a heap load of snow between yesterday afternoon and this morning. While we had around six inches at our hours and the roads were beyond treacherous, the closer to the little town we live “in” the roads were not bad at all. One of my friends that lives in town said they only got about two inches of snow — three at the absolute most. I drove Alex to school this morning, so I know first hand how bad the roads were. I was livid that they had school, especially after driving the roads myself. I wonder if the new superintendent ventures out much beyond town before making that call? We are, I believe, a mile or less from the district boundaries for two districts that were closed. Guess we are just lucky.

Phoebe did not go to school, instead I took her to the doctor’s office where she received her sinus infection diagnosis from her pediatrician. That makes me the only one of us not currently on antibiotics for a sinus infection, but I feel my time is coming… quickly.

Later on, I’m heading over to my friend’s house to do some scrapbooking. I haven’t done this, I think, since the last time we got together to do it. I’m overwhelmed and not quite sure what all I want to do (and therefore take with me). Yet.

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