October 2009
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The Flu

The flu has hit us. Or, something flu-like. Since they aren’t testing for what it is and just giving it a blanket diagnosis of a “flu-like virus, possibly H1N1″ we don’t know for certain. Since H1N1 seems so prevalent now with so many schools being closed due to the sheer volume of sick/missing students and staff, it seems likely that is the culprit.

Alex is down for the count. Since she has asthma, she was put on Tamiflu from the start. Did you know a side effect of that is nausea and vomiting? Nice, eh?

The nice thing is that Alex is recovering fairly quickly. She has only missed two days of school (unless she has a big setback … ie. fever returns) she’ll be back at school tomorrow where she would rather be than at home. This is much nicer than when she got sick last year with a “flu-like virus” that kept her down for the count (and out of school) for 9 days (missing 7 whole school days) and taking another 2, almost 3, weeks to feel back to near-normal. Granted, it isn’t over, but so far it’s been better. The Tamiflu? Who knows, I suspect it has made a huge difference so far.

Here’s to hoping the rest of us can make it through Halloween (at the very least) if not through the entire holiday season!

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Comment from Bella
Time Saturday, October 31, 2009 at 05:56

Oh, I hope she is feeling better! That is not fun. Especially on Halloween!

I forget where I found you, but I have been reading your blog this morning and really enjoying it and even nodding my head in agreement with many things you’ve written….we live in the same town/school district :)

Nice to ‘meet’ you!

PS: I especially miss living in a neighborhood, too! I actually do live in a subdivision, but the lots are, at minimum 1 acre and pretty private…it’s not like the ‘city life’ that I grew up in at all…oh, and deer eating bushes and flowers and everything in sight…yep, I have the same problems, darn deer! ;)