Jul 19 2009

Just Hanging Out at Home

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Call it what you will: Relaxing, Vegging, or just Hanging Out. This was a fairly relaxing weekend with a lot of downtime for us all.

Yesterday, Saturday,  found most of us sitting around either surfing the net or reading books… or alternating between the two.

Today was a bit more active, then again, the weather was much nicer. I lit a fire in the fire pit and kept feeding it “yard waste” while Ray and I both sat nearby reading (he more so than I). Eventually, Ray fetched his machine, hauled the last dog shanty over and we watched that go up in flames as well.

Ray and the girls picked some raspberries from around the yard and ate the meager handfuls right away.

One of the last things was rototilling the patio slightly and raking it somewhat level. I sprayed vegetation killer on the area after that. Tomorrow will be some minor repairs to an old camping screen house we have and then we shall set that baby up. It will be nice to enjoy being outside (albeit screened up) again during the day, evening and maybe even the morning!

Now, we’re back to surfing the net, reading, or watching a movie. Maybe even a slight combination as well.

All in all, it was a decent weekend. Not really productive, but they don’t all have to be productive…do they?

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