May 2009
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Another Weekend Update

This weekend had a lot of things going on, but not so many as seems typical.

On Friday, I took Phoebe to playgroup. It was a fun time (always is!) and the weather was gorgeous. Alex stayed after school for their “yearbook dance” in which the students pay to go to an after school function so that they may pick up their yearbooks (otherwise, they wait until Monday). After Phoebe and I left playgroup, we picked Alex up from her school and headed home. A snack and a nap (for Alex!) later and we were on our way to Alex’s softball practice.

Apparently, back at home while we were away at softball, there was rain and hail! We only saw a few dark clouds slip past otherwise it was warm and sunny.

Arriving home, we found that the power was out. Oh the joys. Made that “report a power outage” phone call to the electric company who replied “at this time a restoration estimate is not available” (rarely is). Ray hauled the generator out of the barn and it was VERY resistant to starting. Finally, he got it started and running and switched the house over to the generator. Then we discovered that most of our outages are during the day as not one single light in the house is on the generator circuit! Ooops. So glad I never packed away our two rope lights!

So, once things were running, Ray went to take a shower and discovered that the water wasn’t going. Now, we have a well, but it is purposely put on the generator (as is the fridge, deep freezer and our corn stove for winter), but no water was coming out. Turns out it had lost its priming (or however you say it). Ray had to get water to fill the pipes to be able to prime the pump again. (It’s in our dug out basement.) Normally, he would have gone and pulled water out of the pool… we haven’t opened it and are not likely to this year (sadly) so there isn’t much water and it is nasty. Well, in the end, that is where he got the water to finally get the well pump going again. In the mean time, the power came back on.

Too much drama of the negative kind for a Friday.

Saturday was a lot of chore type things. Mowing the lawn (but only half was finished), planting the garden (finally! it’s only mostly done though), repairing hoses, grill cleaning, and a bunch of other mundane tasks.

Saturday evening, I went and met some girl friends for a drink. We hung out for a while and talked and laughed and had a great time. While the hockey game was on at the bar, I really didn’t pay much attention (just happy that the Red Wings won!). On the way home, I stopped at the grocery store. That was nice as it had hardly anyone shopping, but the deli counter was closed.

On Sunday, we spent the afternoon celebrating my neice’s first birthday at my sister’s house. It was a fun party with nearly perfect weather!

Sunday night was watching the Red Wings beat the Penguins (3-1) again while getting things ready for the Monday morning grind.

This will be a busy week chock full of activity. The girls end their school year this week. Phoebe on Tuesday and Alex on Friday.  At least, then, I can sleep in a little every day!

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