September 2008
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September Ends

The seasons are changing. It can be felt in the air. I know that they have already changed based on the calendar, but this week we expect a few nights with lows near freezing!

September is being drawn to a close. Our garden was a miserable failure this year, but I have a few theories as to why. We’ll be purchasing pumpkins for the first time in nearly ten years! The tomatoes did alright, not stellar, but good enough. The green beans were great (those that survived the bunnies and the Japanese beetles munching the leaves). The asparagus was good and when I mowed it all over on Friday, there were new shoots by Monday (it is a cool season crop after all!). Our loses include: corn, peas, cantaloupe, watermelon, pumpkins (pie and carving), zucchini, and cucumber. That’s a lot that didn’t come to be.

The pool is finally closed. Though we think there is a leak in the seam at the bottom of the liner. So either there will be water in the pool in the spring, or, there won’t be. If there isn’t, it should be easier to find the leak, right? Plus, we’re contemplating moving the monster if its empty anyway. Closer to the patio rather than across the yard (and the gravel driveway). There is space now near the patio thanks to the GIANT tree that toppled over back in June.

The first month of school is essentially over now. Phoebe absolutely loves kindergarten so far. She loves riding the bus, eating lunch at school, and, of course, all the recesses. Alex likes school well enough I suppose. She likes her teachers so far and for the most part she’s doing well (homework is STILL a huge issue with her and it will only get worse next year). She abhors riding the bus and I swear she misses it at times to avoid riding it. (Um, hello? ASK for a ride in advance. It’ll be more pleasant for everyone. Trust me.)

Basketball (for school) is in full swing with practices every day and games twice a week. Their last game is October 27th. Alex is also on her AAU team, though she’s ineligible to play in a game until the school season ends. AAU has practices 2-3 times a week and a couple of tournaments that she will miss due to the ineligibility (and 3 others who are on the AAU and the school team).  All of the clubs are starting up, or will soon: Science Club (Science Olympiad), Chess, Computer Game Programming, etc.

Phoebe is in a high level of ballet than she was last year. They are doing more complicated things, learning to spot, and not goofing off quite as much. She loves it though! Soccer is also underway. Tuesdays are hard because she is home from school for 40 minutes, off to ballet, then off to a soccer game. Thursdays are usually soccer practice (and school) and she has games on Saturday morning. October 18th is the last game. It’s already cold and windy.

October would usually bring cooler weather, but honestly, I don’t want it much cooler! Not yet. We had our corn bin delivered. They guys used my retaining wall blocks to set it on! WTH? So, thank goodness it didn’t have a ton (literally) of corn in it yet, so Ray and I were able to move it onto cinder blocks instead. So, heating season is upon us and no corn yet. Guess that’s alright since the glass on our corn stove has a crack so we cannot fire it up just yet.

Like I said, we’ll be buying pumpkins this year. Halloween is coming (Alex’s favorite holiday) up. We still need to make a trip to the apple orchard and cider mill (the nice one with the press running and all…not just the shack to buy the stuff in).

Time to get the winter garb out, dust it off, clear out the mothballs, and get prepared.

I’m not ready for the cold.

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Comment from Leanne
Time Friday, October 3, 2008 at 00:58

1. Happy Anniversary. We’ll be with you, next June.

2. I got ONE pumpkin this year in my garden. I’m trying to nurse it through to Halloween. Sigh


3. I’m with you though, what happened to summer?

Leannes last blog post..I’m gonna vote