Today we did a few things.

First, we took Ray’s truck in to get new tires. His are WAY overdue for new ones, especially since one blew out on the highway on him yesterday!

When we got back to the house, Ray started cutting metal fencing down to use as reinforcements in our patio slab. While he worked on that, I opened the pool up, vacuumed it and then threw in some shock.

Then the phone call came that the truck was done and we went to pick it up. The timing was really good actually.

After we returned and all had lunch, Ray and I got started on our patio slab. Except for the first load, we mixed each and every bag of cement mix separately in our wheelbarrow.

One thing that surprised us very much was that Phoebe was out there with us trying her best to help the entire time we worked on it. Alex, on the other hand, was holed up in the house, on the phone with her friend pretty much all day. Phoebe has, in fact, helped with every single thing that we have done toward this.

In the end, we now have a wet, shiny, freshly made slab of concrete curing on our patio as I type. Once it has dried and strengthened, it will become home to a hot tub! Very exciting though it is, it will be a bit more work before it is useful. It needs a new heater, a cover, and power hooked up. Its still exciting. That and it will be off our trailer where it is currently residing.

The swimming pool was tremendously refreshing and such after working today. And, FUN!

Now, we are working on recovery.

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