Mar 31 2008

Manic Monday

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Manic. Busy. Insane.

That is probably how you could describe some of the day today.

The usual stuff happened, both girls went to school without problems. That’s where the “usual” ends.

I picked Phoebe up from school, we had lunch with Ray, then stopped to check the mail,  then stopped in a the grocery store, and then went home. (And then?)

When we got home, Alex called me. She wasn’t feeling good, so she was going to come home rather than go to track practice. Sounded good to me. She has been sick for some time now and has been going and going and going.

Today, she was supposed to have track practice after school. About 30 minutes after that was over, she was supposed to have her first practice for the AAU volleyball team she’s on. When that was over, I was supposed to whisk her away from there, across town, and drop her at basketball practice–she would be getting there an hour late due to volleyball.

Instead, she came home, fell asleep for a while, then ate like there was no tomorrow. Then, feeling better, went to volleyball practice followed by basketball practice. Fortunately, being the start of the new quarter, she had only a touch of homework to do.

All in all, despite it all, it was a good day. Except for the rain and the falling plummeting temperature.

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