Mar 30 2008

Sunday’s Tournament

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Alex’s basketball team finished up their tournament today. Although they did not win, they did very well. All of the girls played well, but just could not get their baskets to sink.

For some time now, Alex has not been shooting the ball. Not a single clue why. Is she afraid of something? No idea. So this morning, before leaving, I bribed her. I offered up $5 per basket. I even specified that it was not per point, but per actual basket. Meaning that if she shot two free throws and both went in, it would count as two baskets for her bribe.

I am not so much interested in the number of points she makes (though more is always better in a scored game), I am much more concerned with her getting back in to actually taking the shots. To fight through the defense and draw the foul. She used to, but she had such a long lay off from the game (October 2006-September 2007, unintentionally)that she lost all of her aggression, her intensity, and her shooting ability it seems. She’s got the aggression and intensity back, but the shooting, she’s not quite there yet.

She made two baskets. Cha-ching. She therefore made $10 today.

Waving money in front of a soon-t0-be-teenager who really wants cash is a great bribe. And, believe me, once she’s back in a rhythm of taking shots (preferably a lot of good shots), the bribe will be altered or rescinded.

Here’s her first basket of the game:

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