Mar 29 2008

Say What?

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Alex had a basketball tournament to go to today. We had leave early so that she was at the location early. None of us had been to this particular building at this particular university and the directions that were given out were slightly less than clear.

We ended up at the wrong building. There was an information desk, so we walked up to it and asked how to get to the particular building we needed to go to was at.  The girl, sitting at the INFORMATION desk, asked us, “is that building on our campus?”

Um, hello? Say what? She even asked if we knew where it was at. That is why we are asking you! If we knew where it was at, then we would be THERE not here. I so wanted to say that. She was, however, young, blond, and presumably a student there, and (most importantly, it seems) available to work early Saturday morning. I guess you cannot blame her. Right?

In any event, we got our information and found our way to the building, inside, up several flights of stairs and sent our child off into the tournament world.

They do play again tomorrow to finish off the tournament. This tournament. There are a few more coming up.

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