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Inline Skates!

February 27th, 2008 by Kini

On Monday, I got Phoebe her first pair of inline skates.

She wore them a couple of times in the house on Monday.

She lived in them while we were at home on Tuesday.

Today, she got to wear them at the roller rink. My hesitant little girl on roller skates (the blades they had there were super heavy and in bad condition) is no more. She is a little skating demon. She spent nearly the entire 1.5 hours racing around the rink! This is a preschool skate session. What does that mean? It means parents and kids under 7. The kids can skate, of course. But, they can also ride scooters or other ride on toys (without pedals), or just run around in their sneakers. Moms can push their babies in strollers around the rink too! It is a lot of fun.

So. I have to pay better attention to her whereabouts at the rink. She can really fly on those things!

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