December 2007
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The Holidays are Almost Over

I hate to be such a Grinch or Ebenezer or party killer, but I am so glad that the winter holidays are coming to a close!

Don’t misunderstand. I love Thanksgiving and Christmas and New Year’s celebrations. I do! I think that this year, though, they have lost some of their magic for me.

Both girls got sick right before Thanksgiving and they freely shared it with me! This led to the unending cycle of at least two of us being sick at a time. The whole holiday season! There is nothing that kills a holiday spirit faster than feeling miserable. (I suppose there is, really, but for us at this time, illness is it.)

We have been busy. Either the girls had something going on for school or sports or dance class. Or, there were friend centered gatherings. There were family centered gatherings. There was endless shopping. There was the illnesses.

I, personally, just felt exhausted this year. And, it is so terribly difficult to be in that magical holiday spirit when you are exhausted and not feeling well. I tried. I really did. At a lot of times, I truly felt the spirit, but not as much as I would prefer.

Next year, I hope to be a bit more organized and on top of things. Or, at the very very least, that everyone stays healthy during the season!

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Comment from Tot’s Mom
Time Sunday, December 30, 2007 at 22:13

Ok, hope everyone stays healthy next year come the holiday season. And Happy 2008 to you as well!

Comment from Bridge
Time Monday, December 31, 2007 at 00:48

I totally know how you feel. I can’t wait until tomorrow night is over. Then I can actually get back to living a normal life again. I can take all the decorations down… clean my house… you get the picture. Bring on 2008!