Dec 29 2007

Noggin Goes 24 Hours!

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Do you have preschoolers? Do you ever watch Noggin?

Then, you have probably heard by now that Noggin will be 24 hours a day starting December 31st!

Now, I do not want to actually encourage my preschooler to watch television at all hours of the day or night, but on those evenings or nights that become special occasions or treats, it will be nice to have this as an option.

What do you think?

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6 Responses to “Noggin Goes 24 Hours!”

  1. Georgeon 02 Jan 2008 at 20:04

    Well, I think it would be nice if this would ACTUALLY HAPPEN!!!! On Dish Network, Noggin is still signing off the air at 5pm Central and switching to The N. I have no way to contact the network. This is quite frustrating. Like you, I don’t intend to allow my 4-year-old to watch TV all night long. However, it would be nice for him to watch a show or 2 at, say, 7pm, if we’ve been out playing all day! Noggin’ current schedule encourages kids to stay in all day, and I was thrilled to hear they were going 24/7. So far, it just hasn’t happened.

  2. Kinion 02 Jan 2008 at 21:02

    I was so excited about the prospect of Noggin going 24 hours! I had only just tried to turn it on today only to find it listed as Noggin, but showing one of those tweeny “N” shows. We had been so busy until today, that I hadn’t noticed.

    I hope that it does come to fruition soon. I agree that their usual schedule does promote kids staying indoors glued to the television (or the computer by going online to do things like the doodlepad).

    I did go to Noggin and submit a comment, but do not have a lot of confidence that anything will come of that. I also submitted one over at Dish Network (we have that too) on the off chance that might help.

    Keeping my fingers crossed….

  3. Geromeon 02 Jan 2008 at 23:03

    What will happen is that the-n will move to its own channel, and will also have 24 hour programming. Eventually of course, I’ve also noticed that my programming hasn’t changed since New Year’s Eve. (I have Dish Network also)

  4. FireMomon 04 Jan 2008 at 17:27

    DishNetwork is not changing:

  5. [...] has been great and heated discussion about this post. It would appear that Dish Network is not making the transition for Noggin to be shown 24 hours a [...]

  6. georgianaon 21 Jan 2008 at 02:56

    I am so disappointed that dish has chosen to no air noggin 24/7. My husband works late and my son and enjoyed watching the late evening programming while waiting on daddy to come home. I just switched to dish becuase of their great dvr’s with no idea that they would not have the exact same noggin programming. If they don’t change soon I will be shelling out the bucks to cancel my contract. That is how excited we were about Noggin’s programming. I have emailed both dish as well as Noggin. I have little faith that it will make a difference.