Nov 30 2007

More Daily Posting to Come!

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I have a list of blogs that I visit on a daily basis. Simply, I click on a toolbar folder and select “open all in tabs” then walk away for a moment while half a million pages load. Ok, not really that many, but sometimes it seems that way.

I was visiting Kerflop a while ago and she is advocating her plan of “31 Days of Nothing” to follow the National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo) which was a post a day in November. But, wait for it! She mentioned Holidailies. Another, post a day for a month dealie and I just signed up as a portal. I may regret it, but I think that having to spend a little bit of time to write something everyday (even the lame stuff) was good for me. Something routine. I need more of that.

So, let the daily posting continue! Hopefully, I can come up with good things to write about!

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