Nov 29 2007


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Nightmares are never fun. Unless, I suppose, you are someone like Wes Craven who make a living out of freaking people out. Then again, maybe his nightmares involve fluffy, pink bunnies being all sweet.

Last night, Phoebe awoke from a nightmare. She was so freaked out by it, she cried and cried until she passed out cuddled against me in my bed. Every time I moved a little, she came along, asleep, but hanging on for dear life (or so it seemed). She seems to be sleeping peacefully now.

In the past, I have asked her what her dreams were about. She rarely can tell me anything. I have no idea if she really does not remember, or if she does not want to repeat it. I will probably never know. It still makes me very sad when it happens. I hate to see my girls upset like that.

My current waking nightmare is that I will never lose the wonky sinus behavior…

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