November 2007
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No Longer Doomed

Phoebe is feeling much better today. She still is coughing and that in itself if bothersome and somewhat painful for her (chest, belly and throat especially). However, as of this afternoon, she is no longer considered “contagious” and can therefore mix amongst the population again.

Ray mooched in on my doctor’s appointment this morning (yes, I did call ahead first and it was ok). I have a sinus infection (big surprise) and Ray has something similar so we are both being treated for that. Ray did have a strep test (negative), but I did not (have the test).

That leaves Alex as the only one not currently on an antibiotic for an infection of some sort. I’m not sure if I am counting the inhaler that she now uses before basketball practice (and games, and other sportish activity) yet. She has that icky, goopy, guncky cough still, but it is moving around and she is still coughing it up and out (yes, how very ladylike of her). She has been feeling great otherwise AND she has none of her telltale signs of it becoming a sinus infection (most notably, the black eyes like she’s been fighting). I am thrilled she is feeling well, but paranoid all the same. This has been her healthiest autumn EVER and I am fearful that it will spiral downward to make up for it. (She did not get the slightest hint of illness until after school basketball ended!).

Personally, I am feeling better at this hour. I’m taking a different allergy/decongestant than I had been. I feel less dried out and it is actually helping my sinus headache significantly more (as in at all…and the head is just about gone) which is great considering I’ve had this headache constantly for about two weeks…maybe longer. Combined with the nasal spray, I am seriously feeling better and only hours into the new meds.

I hate taking medication, or anything for that matter. Even a daily multi-vitamin is more than I can sometimes bear. However, in cases when it is not only important, but really does make you feel better, I will take it.

Besides, who wants to be sick for Thanksgiving. And the Christmas season is stressful enough even when you are healthy. With only 39 days until Christmas Day, the stress countdown is well underway.

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Comment from Leanne
Time Saturday, November 17, 2007 at 15:44

Glad to hear you’re all feeling better. Yep, getting sick over the holidays would not add to the fun.

I’m with you on not taking medication…but more then once I’ve given in and been pleasantly surprised at how much better I feel.

I guess those Dr’s are smarter then we think…