Aug 24 2007

An Awful Storm

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As a storm rode in this afternoon, Phoebe was playing with her dollhouse on the floor and said so matter-of-factly, “it is not a very lovely day,” then continued to play.

Awww… Fact is, that today was a pretty nice day. It was warm and sunny, although a bit too humid for my liking. Now, though, it is dark and thundering with pelting rain and trees blowing all over.

Is it bed time yet?

Turns out that not only was it a bad thunderstorm, there were tornadoes involved!!! One touched down about a mile and a half, maybe two miles south east of our house! The damage was incredible, but what was amazing is that no one was injured!! We lost our power (thank goodness for generators), I still went on my “Mom’s Night In” thing (they had power), and came back in darkness. Do you know how eerie it is to drive in pitch darkness through places that normally are lit up? Very.

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