Jul 26 2007


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Today started out as such a nice and fun day! Phoebe’s little cousin came over (and her bigger Aunt) to play. They had a wonderfully fun time playing in the sandbox and in the play house and with toys of all sorts inside. They are always sad when it is time to part, today was no exception.

Then it happened! Phoebe shrieked and screamed (and screamed and screamed)! She had stepped on a bee near her sandbox! Ugh, the poor girl. We got the stinger out and applied the baking soda paste and gave her some Children’s Benedryl. And, we put ice on. And, we comforted her a lot. Likely one of the worser places to be stung: the arch of a little foot!

We were supposed to go camping this weekend, which would have been torture for poor, little, injured Phoebe. Other things came up and the trip has been postponed.

In other happenings, Alex’s eyes haven’t changed from last year and she got the molds of her teeth done for her retainer. Both occurred yesterday.

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