May 2007
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Wacky Wild Wednesday!

Today was a busy one for us.

This morning, Alex stayed home as she had a 9 a.m. orthodontist appointment. Call me lazy, but I did not intend to get up at 5:30 to get Alex up and showered and onto the bus, only to pick her up by 8:15 to drive out to the orthodontist. Good news though. Alex got a new appliance installed today (bands on two molars and a doo-hickey to keep her expansion from closing in) and the orthodontist tweaked it a little to straighten one molar (she’ll be achy later!). Her next appointment they’ll take it back out, make an impression for a retainer, then put the device back in. The following appointment she’ll have all the front brackets taken out and get her retainer. The molar device will stay in place. Then it will be a waiting game until she loses all her baby teeth and gets all her new ones in. Then it will be a full mouth tin grin!

Then, we stopped by the optical shop and had Alex take her broken glasses in to see if they could fix them! This, after only getting the new frames back less than a full week ago! Fortunately, the guy work miracles and fixed them all the while giving Alex the guilt trip. It was fabulous. That and free (aside from any guilt Alex should feel).

I then delivered Alex to school and Phoebe and I went home for a “rest” and lunch.

And then, Phoebe and I went to a play date and had a wonderful time! Phoebe did not want to leave, but after Alex called to say she was home from school, we had to go. Now.

But, wait! there’s more! At home we had dinner and kind of lounged around for a bit before Alex went to softball practice.

Everyone was safely back in the house by 9:40 pm.

I guess it really wasn’t that WILD. Or even a little WACKY. But, I know for certain it IS WEDNESDAY! Hope yours was great!

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