April 2007
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Auction Day

The auction was set to start at 10 am. It got to about 85 degrees and was SUNNY (no clouds really) all day.

There were more Amish people than I have ever seen (in person) before were milling around both before and during the auction. That meant lots of horses, wagons, and buggies in the field across from the house. Phoebe was thrilled to watch them. Cousin Bob and his boy Shiloh made it down today too. I haven’t seen Bob since I was a little ‘un.

Dad was able to secure the guns that he wanted, but Mike was unable to get the tractor (which sold for $5100) when it left his price range in the dust. Jim picked up a pump of some kind and Tina got the candy dish she was looking at. It was a very long day full of melancholy feelings. Not quite a finality to everything, yet it did feel like something great was now gone.

We had never been to an auction before (estate, or otherwise) so this was certainly a learning experience as there are constantly farm, estate, or equipment auctions around us. And, no, I nor Ray bid on anything. In fact, we never even got bid numbers. Sure, there were plenty of things I would have liked to have, but not much I needed. Although, I am regretting not trying for that seeder they had…. sure would be nice for planting corn this year… my back is NOT looking forward to that.

We had dinner at the restaurant again, and again Phoebe had grilled cheese and Alex again had crab legs. I sat around back in the room with cold washcloths on my sunburned forehead and arm. Boy, I was stupid. Hello? Sunscreen, nice to meet ‘ya. I will definately remember that next time I walk near the sun.

It was a very long day and we glad to crash in bed when it ended. Today was the last day on the farm. Hopefully not forever.

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