Apr 27 2007

Friday in Rural Missouri

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We spent the day at the farm. We were also trying to help out, but were not very successful at it. Something about no one really knowing what to do and where to put things did not help. At one point, though, we went into the basement and pulled things out to the lawn for the auction. Talk about memory evoking stimuli! Alice’s basement — the scent — whacked me over the head. It reminded me — strongly — of Grandma’s cellar. I have no idea what it was about it, but wow, I was really struck by the strength of the memory. So every time I went into that basement I was reminded of Grandma’s cellar and all the canned stuff (and otherwise) she kept in there.

Betty Jane and Edith May bring lunch out for everyone. Very sweet of them! For a lot of the time, we walked around, explored a bit and took photos. We all got a smidge sunkissed. Alright, alright. Some of us got a bit sunburned!

We had dinner at the restaurant by the motel. Phoebe had grilled cheese once she got over the fact that there is a restaurant that does NOT in fact serve macaroni and cheese in some form. Alex seemed happy with the crab legs that she had. Ray and I had steaks.

I think we were are a bit tired, but mostly apprehensive about what tomorrow will bring. I have never been to any kind of auction, let alone one for someone I know/knew.

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