Mar 29 2007

Cast Away Cafe

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Phoebe and I went to Cast Away Cafe for the first time ever. We met some wonderful Moms and their children there.

I have heard such wonderful things about the place from most everyone I have talked to about it. It was a great place for Phoebe to play and run and climb and work off a lot of energy amongst other young children. It is also a great place for the parents to hang out while the kids run around. Today was nice since it was not really crowded and the kids were all on the younger side (as in: not in school yet ages). I have heard that the place is a zoo when the school kids are on break. I know that the child care at our school takes field trips there. Often. But, today was nice. It was relaxing. I even climbed the big structure with Phoebe when she asked me to go with her.
Next time, I will take lots of photos. I promise!

A little while after we returned home, Phoebe asked if we could go again. I told her that we would. Apparently, she thought I meant right then!

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