Mar 24 2007


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Last night, Alex had her first foray into the world of rollerskating…at a roller rink…for several hours…unchaperoned…with her giggly friends.

We dropped her off (not something I really wanted to do) at the door and waited until she saw her friends and was inside. She was armed with some money we gave her (it was free admission with her school id) for skate (roller blades) rental (and snackage) and Ray’s cell phone.

Meanwhile, the remaining three of us had dinner at Outback Steakhouse then hung out at the Borders Bookstore until it was time to pick Alex up. The bookstore is always a fun place. Particularly when there are two adults. One can browse the selections while the other follows the little one around and occasionally reading her selections to her (in the cool children’s section). Then we switch. I do not often get to browse a bookstore without chasing Phoebe down so this was a treat.

When we picked Alex and a friend of hers up, the truck got suddenly very noisy. The giggling! The laughing! The talking! Wow. I think I may need to issue a formal apology to my parents. (For all those years of chauffeuring me and my friends to the skating rinks.)

All in all, everyone had a pretty good evening. Alex had a blast, and I am sure that she will be wanting to go again.

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