Feb 28 2007

Parent Teacher Conference – Preschooler

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This evening after a snack, Phoebe and I met Ray at her school. Tonight was her first Parent Teacher Conference. Honestly, I really did not expect them to do this with preschool, but they did! I guess it really is nice to have feedback into your child’s school experience.

I think it went basically how we expected it to go. She gets along well, listens well, follows 2 & 3-step instructions well. Cuts well, colors well, counted to 14, named things like up and down, in and out, her shapes, most of her letters, etc. The teacher showed up examples of her work from October and November compared with more recent work from the last few days.

I guess as any parent does, I think she is remarkably intelligent, articulate, and sweet. She is all of those things, but I suppose you want to hear the teacher raving about what a blessing it is to have a smart child once in a blue moon. One thing that they do not do at this age is give you a comparison to the other kids in the class. With the older ones, you see the class averages on assignments, exams, or projects. No so with the little ones. I am sure the reasoning is solid, but still…

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