February 2007
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Just a Tuesday…with beads!

Yet another Tuesday morning… Alex woke up amicably and went off to school. Phoebe woke up early today, but was happy nonetheless. Dance class…they got their little tiaras (too cute!), then Phoebe and I went to Grandma & Grandpa’s house. Paige was there when we arrived so the two girls scampered off to play. They play so well together — it’s wonderful really.

A few hours later and Phoebe and I were heading home. Alex had computer club after school, we still arrived home before her. She had a lot of homework to do, so she started that.

After a super-quick dinner, Alex and I headed off to our Introduction to Beading especially for Mothers and Daughters (awwwww.). We had a really good time, learned some things, and each came home with a finished bracelet. Alex wants to take another class, as do I. Although, the next one is three classes and costs much more. We’ll see. So far, no one has signed up for it and they want a minimum of eight. So, maybe – if I decided ‘yes’ – then I will call a couple of days before to see about its status.

The night was capped off by watching the ridculously pathetic Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader? hosted by Jeff Foxworthy. Really. How did they find these people? The guy with a HISTORY degree from UCLA couldn’t answer the ‘who was the first US President to be impeached?’ Seriously. At least the history guy should have gotten it, right? I will never get that time back. At least it was funny and I don’t think I lost many more brains cells than normal. Ray thinks the screening process is opposite that of Jeopardy! For Jeopardy! they look for seriously intelligent folks that can answer all this stuff. Are You Smarter... must then take the bottom group… Nice theory. Honestly, I really don’t want to know.

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