January 2007
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Snacks, Mailboxes, & Stuff…

Just stuff. Not necessarily ordinary stuff, but stuff nonetheless.

Went to Kroger to get fruit leathers for Phoebe to take to school for snack. She specified the “healthy chewy fruit things,” but she was supicious that Kroger would have them since we normally get them from Arbor Farms Market.

While Phoebe was in preschool today (apparently only 5 kids were there today), I went home to work on learning css. It went really well and I guzzled the triple coffee concoction from Colorado Coffee that I grabbed on the way home. It was easier that I expected (it has been a really LONG time since I coded anything).

The FedEx guy delivered Ray’s server to the house.

FreedomNet showed up to test for a signal. They barely left their truck. I went to the bathroom, answered the phone and they were leaving. So much for talking to them to find out what’s up.

Picked up Phoebe from school, got gas in the van, picked up Alex and took her to choir rehearsal. Went to the UPS Store and got a mailbox, stopped at the library to pick up a book on hold (Phoebe also got a Disney Princess DVD, another DVD, and “Merry Christmas Amelia Bedelia”) then went on home.

Made nachos for dinner, Ray cleaned out the corn stove (turned it off to do this), then we all kind of went our separate ways for the evening.

Read stories to Phoebe, and she was in bed at 8:30, but not asleep until 9. Alex internetted until I kicked her off at 9, and she putzed around until I got on her (again) to get in bed with lights out… It was around 10:10 that she FINALLY complied.

The last thing really I have planned is to watch The Daily Show to see the “Bill Gates” episode. Yes, I know I could watch it in reruns three different times tomorrow, or even use the DVR tonight, but I figure Ray is going to watch it, so I might as well (and if I fall asleep AND it is really good, then I’ll watch it tomorrow).

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