Nov 30 2006

Orthodontist, No Bike, and Chicago

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Not a lot today. Alex had an orthodontist appointment today. Her teeth are responding very well to the braces, but she really needs to exercise better brushing!

After, we stopped at Sears to get my exercise bike, but they are back ordered and won’t be in until Dec. 22nd! I ordered it, but am very disappointed that it wasn’t available. At least I still get the promotions for it! Alex tried every piece of workout equipment they had and really likes the elliptical trainers. (I do too, but I worry that it would irritate my already spastic foot injury).

Alex also drooled over the sewing machines, particularly a light blue one that was on a very good sale. Little did she know that I bought one while we were there and the sales guy tagged it in the back for me or Ray to pick up later when Alex wasn’t with us!! Bwahahahaha!!

Oh, and all day, Ray was in Chicago!

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