Nov 25 2006

Mike’s House

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After Chloe’ left today, Ray loaded the tractor on the trailer to take over to Mike’s house. We went over there to check out his new (fixer-upper) place. Alex did a lot of the mowing in the back portion. Found a little “pond” in the middle and a bunch of muddy humps where she tended to get stuck with the tractor. Lori and the gang was there also and Phoebe had a blast playing the mud with her cousins (mainly Lexus, but sometimes Brian also). Eric REALLY wanted to drive the tractor around, but we did not let him.

I will say this… Mike’s house has HUGE potential. It will be really cool once he has fixed it up a bit. Right now, he is concentrating on the outside (roof being done right now), getting heat, and his water going. I wish it was closer this way though, but that is just me probably.

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