Oct 28 2006

Game 3

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Alex had her third basketball game this morning (at least with this team) vs Morrice (played at Perry). Instead of bringing my camera (and getting some lousey pictures), I brought the video camera. Alex said it must of been good luck.

I am so happy to report that they won!!! 26-25. It was a very tight game the whole way through. Alex scored only 8 points this time, and no foul shots (she did not even get to the line once), but she did commit one foul. Actually, it was a good one — on the shot. The girl made only one of the 2 foul shots, making it a good foul for us: 1 point given up vs. 2.

All of the girls played well. Except for our girls repeatedly letting the other team steal the ball (off the dribble)…often several times in a row, by the same players! They were much better with rebounding, though there is room for a lot of improvement.

We were missing 3 girls today: Shelby & Sarah were just not there, while Alex (the other one) was there (her step-dad is the coach), but she had been vomiting all night so she did not play. Alex played the entire fourth quarter and did a wonderful job on defense. And, like in the previous games, she did go tumbling across the floor, but, she did not get skinned knees or elbows this time (yeah!).

Great job, Sweetie!!

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