September 2015
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Spring Break!

Spring break has come and has now gone for our school kid.  It’s back to the “normal” schedule for everyone in the household. We are entering the worst part of the typical school year. The one which there is only one day off before the last day. When the weather continues to get nicer and entices everyone to want to be outside rather than in a classroom or someplace doing homework.

The highlight of spring break was having our oldest back for a visit from her new life adventure. It was only a couple of days…not nearly enough. Even though she was just as ready (maybe more?) to move out and on with her life as I was at the time, I miss her a lot. Especially in the day to day minutiae of activities.

We all went to the Pompeii exhibit at the Science Center which was fascinating and I wish it had a lot more artifacts to see.

We all played two fun games of Settlers of Catan during the last night of her visit here. We are  looking forward to a future visit to play again.


It’s Easter.

It’s a Sunday.

Take your pick.

Our version of celebrating Easter has always been of the variety with the magical bunny that leaves treats and hides eggs for a fun treasure hunt. Period.

This year, the eggs were not hidden. The one who typical likes the egg hunts had insisted that she didn’t have any interest in it this year. Guess who was super disappointed that the magical bunny heeded her desire on that? Yep.

Breakfast was a Sunday brunch sort of affair which homemade crepes, yummy cream cheese filling, Nutella, dark chocolate to drizzle, and an assortment of fruits. They were so very good.

Dinner was going out for sushi. Yes, you totally read that right. Sushi on Easter Sunday for dinner. AND. It was delicious.

That Big Game Being Played Today

There’s a big game being played today.  Football – American style.  A championship or something, right?
Yes, I jest.


Seattle Seahawks!


Yes, I’m a fan.

Not a die hard fan, but not quite a band wagon one either.

I root for my hometown team, always.

Granted, I have my longtime hometown and my new hometown, I root for them both.  Help me if/when the Seahawks and the Lions play each other! Or the Mariners and the Tigers!

Too bad Seattle doesn’t have an NHL team… It’s Red Wings all the way, baby!

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